"Upbeat and a little crazy." "The true spirit of improv." "Carnival-like appeal." "Impressively, singers freestyle lyrics."

How does Canoofle's 100% improvised music work?

YOU call out an original song title. WE compose that song for you on the spot. Everyone claps afterwards. Pretty good fun depending on who you are.

Sounds like?:
It's hard to say. Wonky Pop? New-Wave Vaudeville? Surreal Punk? We use our years of varied music experience to write rock, pop, new wave, punk, funk, jazz, avant-garde and traditional songs FOR YOU!

Who does this?:
Canoofle features a rotating cast of multi-instrumentalists. Most shows have a slightly different lineup, instrumentation and flavor.

What instruments?:
Canoofle makes its music primarily using a drum set, electric bass, electric piano/organ, guitar, sax, flute, percussion and voice

Canoofle Climaxes

Nearing 300 gigs since August 1999 including 5 tours

Over 4,500 unique songs created to date live on stage

Performances on KBOO "Night of the Living Tongue", KEXP "Sonarchy", TVCTV "Portland Community Improv", Metroeast TV "Now What?"

Members of Young Audiences teaching school kids how to Canoofle

Why Canoofle?

Canoofle exists as an experiment in entertainment. We love the thrill of getting on stage without a clue of what will happen. This is truly facing the abyss. Sometimes we fly. Sometimes we fall. Either way, after attending a Canoofle concert, people know that they've just experienced something completely unique, creative, and musical.

Unless specified, ALL the songs Canoofle creates are 100-percent improvised. We do not use stock musical patterns, other people's lyrics, or sneaky hand signals, mostly...

Canoofle Timeline

Canoofle burbles into existence as a recording project in a San Francisco, CA apartment

Purchase Alesis ADAT
Writing and recording for "Matrika" CD begins

"Matrika" released on Access Records

"Unorganized Flying Objects" CD released on Lazy-Eight Records

Relocate to Portland, OR
Start recruiting improv players

"Eureka" cassette released on Lazy-Eight Records
First improv show in August at The K.O.W. Theater

Lots of improv shows in Portland and Seattle

More Portland shows and three West Coast tours

Portland shows and a West Coast tour
Join The Veronica Lodge songwriting club (678 songs as of 2017!)

Supply music for "Sharp Objects" play
Start providing music for The Brody Theater
Improv shows

Supply music for Portland Community Improv on TVCTV
Improv shows

Join Young Audiences and start to teach improv in schools
More improv shows

Continued improv shows, teaching, and theater work

Photos by Patrick Riordan and Michelle D. Williams