Who's Canoofling?

Sammy Lett
(winds, percussion, sneaky vocals)
Sammy has been playing saxophone since the age of 10 thanks to the influence of Zoot the Muppet. He has travelled the world and picked up the flute, clarinet, harmonica and didgeridoo along the way. He has played in almost every conceivable type of ensemble and hopes to jam with as many people as humanly possible. Most recently, he was on tour with a circus, blowing the big top off with a four piece circus jazz band called Cirkestra. He's featured on two of Cirkestra's albums, "Alice" and the recently released "Pinocchio". He is also featured on the soul/funk/afrobeat album by the Northwest band LaPush on their album "Baby".

Melanie Harmon
(keyboards, kazoo, percussion, nice vocals)
Melanie began performing and touring nationally with improv acting groups in 1986. She performed with Brainwaves and the Brody Theatre in Portland, OR; Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta, GA; and Rattlebrain in Denver, CO. She started playing piano at age 5 and began composing children's musicals on keyboard in the early 90's. Mostly, she's an improviser who can play music ...and a mom.

Jason Mayberry
(drum set, percussion & loud vocals)
Jason is a drummer who likes drumming. He also drums with Kate Mann. In addition, he's one of the few people who can sing louder than a drum set.

Chris Petryszak
(bass, percussion, children's toys, homemade instruments, reluctant vocals)
Born with a bassist's demeanor and physique it took 13 years and a brief cello detour for Chris to find his way onto an Ibanez Roadstar II bass in 1985. He has enjoyed the gentle caress of 41.2Hz and jammed with abandon in the key of E ever since. Playing in bands with styles ranging from old school country to new school metal and nearly everything in between has created a versatility in his playing frequently misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder. The highlight of his musical career thus far is drinking beers in a hotel room with the Dixie Chicks.

Curtis Settino
(guitar, bass, melodica, banjo, ukulele, glockenspiel, drums, percussion & curious vocals)
In 1992 he launched Canoofle. He blames, in alphabetical order, The Clash, Alice Cooper, Devo, Brian Eno, Stan Freberg, gamelan, Minutemen, Ken Nordine, The Ramones, Erik Satie, Raymond Scott, Morton Subotnick, They Might Be Giants, Ween, XTC and Frank Zappa for the warpage.

Steve Hale (bass, vocals), Courtney Rainwater (vocals), and Steve Goodwin (keyboard, sax) also Canoofle live and in the studio.

Many fine, fine, super fine people have contributed their time and talent to make Canoofle happen.

Annalisa Bastiani, Rob Browning, Jeff Bryner, Donald Button, Theo Cedar, Daniel Chickering, Julianne Douglas, Shannon Eames, Katy Fisch-Vondy, Stephen M. Fisch, Kathy Flanigan, Julie Getzlaff, David Gilde, Kelly Goodwin, Scott Greiner, Abigail Grush, John Haglebarger, Steve Hale, Heidi Hill, Michael Jarmer, Vince Kueter, Bruce Lash, Lisa Loomis, Liam McNamara, Matt Mumper, Tim the S.F. sax guy (I forgot his last name!), Todd Musyj, Rene Ormae-Jarmer, Bryan Owens, William Polits, Frank Pullen, Geneé Ramsey, Cary Ransome, Paul Schack, Jeff Stevenson, Dave Trainer, Eric Vondy, Jamie Walsh, Jason Waugaman and Michelle D. Williams

Photos by Patrick Riordan and Michelle D. Williams