WARNING: Some material may be offensively graphic or silly.

100% Improvised Live Songs

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2013.11.07 Hawthorne Theater Lounge Medley

2011.04.15 Hawthorne Theater Lounge
My Bird Dog Has a Bone
- You Unicycle My Heart Away
Sacajawea Ain't Got Nothin' on You
- Can I Buy You a Hoodie?

2010.09.01 Dante's Medley

2009.11.14 EthosLive TV Medley

2008.03.22 Miss. Pizza electronic show 80s Prom Night medley

2007.08.16 Miss. Pizza (MP3s)
Snake in the Grass - Parmesean Love - Evil Toaster

2007.06.09 Nine Muses acoustic show (MP3s)
Look Up - Dingo Ate My Baby - Luv is a 3 Letter Word

Shirachi (Sriracha) - Tora Tora Tora - Get Mo' Pinata
Crazy On My Birthday (Apr 1) - Isaac Loves Cats
Coffee Romance - Squid Pro Quo - Pigs in Grass
82 and Foster - Two Forks - Breyin' in the Moonlight
Aligator Food - Evil Tattoo - Run Joey Run
Earth Sustainable Cheese Spread

Schools - Teaching Improv Songwriting

2009.11.09 Llewellyn Elementary
Live video demo of our program

2008.01.25 Glenfair Elementary
(From our very 1st school show!)
A Little Bit of Math

Theater/TV Work

The Brody Theater
2006 to present - Many fully improvised scores for two 30-min shows a night. Directed by Tom Johnson.
Eight Arms of Hate - Elf Las Vegas (mp3) - Funeral Crashers (mp3)

Action Adventure Theater
June 2008 - Fully improvised score for Flash Fiction show.
Jan. 2011 - Very rehearsed score and sound design for part of a seriel play directed by Bri Pruitt.
Captured by Aliens

Curious Comedy Theater
Oct. 2008 - Fully improvised scores for "Sam Adams Sam Adams, Mayor Ex Machina" musicals. Directed by Stacy Hallal.
A Girl and Her Robot

Portland Community Improv TV show
May 2007 to Aug. 2008 - Fully improvised scores for two 30-min shows a month at TVCTV supporting The Brody Theater actors. Directed by Benjamin Lewis.
Episode 5

The Tribe Theater
Jan. 2006 - Somewhat improvised score for "Sharp Objects" play. Written and diected by Archie Washington (MP3s).
Out of Hand - Rocket Science - Gip and Mona

Various mp3s
Robert Dinero vs. Al Pacino
(Scolari's Office, San Diego 2004)
Ooh, Ooh, The Sky is Blue (Jazz Club, Reno 2004)
The Squirk (Beuhlahland 2003)
Hey Dave, Let Me In (21 Grand, Oakland 2003)
Ivory and Ebony (Twilight Cafe 2002)
Lazer Hawk (Medicine Hat 2002)
Pony's at the Door (rehearsal 2002)
Dixie (Twilight Cafe 2001)
Gamelan Cafe (Twilight Cafe 2001)
I Tried to Eat It (KBOO 2001)
Wait! (It's a Beautiful Pizza 2000)

All samples copyright 2000-14 Curtis Settino/Canoofle
and published 2000-14 Scrawkus Music ASCAP