These are the Canoofle critiques.

"Thanks for being there, the kids had a great time. I had my older rock band kids do two "canoofles" in class today - they have a new appreciation for the challenge of improv."

Adam Goodwin/Ethos Music Center Rock Camp for Kids - 2011

"The total command of their instruments and the materials in the program gave them a high comfort for doing these amazing original songs."

"I couldn't imagine how the group could do what they claim on their program guide, but they did! With smooth expertise they said what they intended to do, starting with the elements 'rhythm', 'notes' and 'words', demonstrating each, then got ideas from the kids, combining them very cleverly."

Teachers/Abernathy Elementary - 2010

"...The band will briefly huddle and then break into an odd bouncing melody which can vary from circus music to punk or to jazz while the various members improvise lyrics. The lyrics are, more often than not, down right hilarious."

John Zinkand/ - 2006

"Canoofle is the true spirit of improv. After all, how often do you get to have a band play just what you want to hear?"

Vanessa Salvia/Eugene Weekly - 2005

"Though the idea of an improvisational group may lead some people to expect free jazz or yet another group of neo-Deadhead noodlers, Canoofle could not be much further from those genres."

Tim Prentiss/Reno News and Review - 2005

"It's the kind of high-wire act that will be a resounding artistic success or a memorable experiment in cacophony. . . Canooflers rose to the occasion, bringing the soundless footage to chaotic life."

Marc Mohan/Oregonian - 2004

"Many of the songs hearken to the glory days of Primus, with their odd timing and carnival-like appeal."

Ryan Prado/The Synthesis, Chico, CA - 2003

"Canoofle is upbeat and a little crazy; an improvisational group that just goes wherever the day takes it. Like all improv, it could be completely terrible, or it could be splendiferous. That sense of danger is its biggest draw."

JWS/The Portland Mercury - 2002

"Portland's Canoofle twines jazzy improvisation with slender tendrils of rock-based melody and twists of punk cacophony."

Miss Tiffany Lee Brown/ - 2002

"Impressively, several singers and spielers freestyle lyrics over the bass-driven improvisation, resulting in a Cranium meets Dub Narcotic Sound System vibe."

GL/Willamette Week - 2003

"Like Harry Potter's 'Every Flavor Beans,' without a melodic score, your musical morsel comes without warranty. In other words: You might get 'tasty cotton candy, ' or you might get 'booger,' though you can be sure most of the beans are on the sweet side."

unknown/Eugene Weekly - 2002

"These madmen have it in 'em to sound like the Star Wars Cantina troupe, ripped sideways on space-desert spirit mushrooms."

Zach Dundas/Willamette Week - 2001

"Canoofle will give you that extra push, with constantly changing improv."

Julianne Shepherd/The Portland Mercury - 2001

"The band also embodies another odd paradox: it uses loose, completely-improvised means to arrive at very specific, tightly-defined music."

John Hagelbarger/Portland, OR based musician, thinker, writer, and seeker of interesting and challenging music - 2001

Photos by Michelle D. Williams and Jeff Bryner